Black and White Kitchen

When our customers ask us about black-n-white kitchen, we can suggest a few variations:

White Kitchens

This color is extremely popular in many design styles – be it modern, contemporary, or traditional. White color adds brightness to the kitchen and adds space to the room; any style kitchen will only benefit from the extra light and plain bright atmosphere. The best usage of white kitchen cabinets is with modern or contemporary designs, since it can incorporate gloss surface finishing and reduce maintenance of cabinets cleanup.

Black Kitchens

In the recent years black kitchens seems like an emerging trend in Canada. Although this type of design would not match every single house, in some high-end properties it will take the kitchen style to the next level, especially paired with natural dark flooring and luxury black countertops. Black kitchen cabinets are stylish, they require less maintenance and could be a unique design element in your house.

Black and White Kitchens

This is a classic combination your interior designer will use when building contemporary kitchen design. Black cabinets with white stone tops, white pantry shelving with black border lines, white cabinets with large black countertop – there so many combinations and variations to make your kitchen unique and trendy.

Black-n-white is also a great pairing for commercial properties – be it office kitchen or bar open space kitchen.

Want to get ideas about black-n-white kitchen costs? Here is the process:

  • Contact Aria Kitchens for an estimate
  • Our account manager will gather all your requirements
  • If needed, we will produce a simple visual draft for the quotation (at no cost)
  • After approving all measurements, materials, and colors we will provide a detailed quote to you.

Our team goal is no less than Delighting our Customers, we know hard work brings more work, and we are ready become your one-stop for all kitchen cabinetry needs.

Starting from initial estimate we will try to cover all your needs – we provide online estimate (Facetime, WhatsApp or any other way you use videocalls), inhouse visits (with all COVID-19 measures taken care of) or detailed estimate delivered to your interior designer.

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