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Kitchen trends 2024: Quiet luxury and smart technologies take over

Kitchen trends 2024: Quiet luxury and smart technologies take over

Are you ready to discover the latest 2024 kitchen trends? From an emphasis on natural materials to the comeback of open-plan kitchens, 2024 brings a lot to the design scene. We will also see open shelving again, but with a slight twist. Smart technology is here to take over the small tasks for you. We share the trends so you can grab your inspiration for your next kitchen remodel!

Open concept kitchen

Not long ago, the open concept was put on standby because people hated it for its lack of privacy. However, this layout is coming back strong in 2024. The homeowner realized that the open floor layout provides plenty of space, which allows for home entertainment and enhanced functionality.

Natural touch

Nature finds its way into the 2024 kitchen trends. Its primary purpose isn’t just cooking; people want to socialize while showing off their culinary skills. Using natural elements makes the space feel serene and cozy. If you hop on this trend, consider adding green walls, stone accents, or jute and rattan details.

Solid surface backsplash

In 2024, homeowners will want to get rid of their outdated backsplash. A solid surface made of engineered quartz or marble makes a remarkable statement in the kitchen and is favored for easy maintenance. This is one of the changes towards a more functional design.

Large kitchen islands

The kitchen’s purpose expands to more than just cooking. Accordingly, in 2024, we will see bigger kitchen islands to accommodate more people and create a small working station. The kitchen islands have additional features such as charging stations, expandable tables, and extra seating. You can use it as a workspace during the day and host your guests in the evening.

Green and blue cabinets

Even though the all-white kitchen trend is always present, we see the emergence of bold yet calm tones. Deep blue is a trending choice for kitchen cabinets, giving the space a sense of luxury. Combining wood and deep blue cabinets with gold hardware looks so elegant.

Green infuses life in the kitchen and brings serenity. Whether you prefer dramatic emerald, charming olive, or calm sage, there is a tone for every mood.

Eat-in kitchen

The kitchen is becoming a social hub, where you can do more than just cooking. Designers are requested to integrate dining solutions in the kitchen. Large dining area, cozy breakfast nooks, and kitchen island seating are some of the features to consider for your kitchen remodeling.

Stylish hoods

Hoods aren’t there only to eliminate the odors; they become a stunning focal point. With so many materials and styles to choose from, you can always find the right fit for your space. A stainless steel hood with clean lines is ideal for minimalist kitchens.

Open shelving

The opinions about open shelving are divided. Some see them as convenient solutions for storage. Others love it; it makes the kitchen feel more airy and open. But others hate it because it gathers dust and keeps everything on display. In 2024, open shelving will be back with a simple twist that allows easy customization. The open shelving is now modular, so you can reconfigure it according to your needs.

Butcher block countertops

In 2024, we will see more statement countertops that add charm to the overall design. The butcher block brings an organic feel with its distinct wood grain texture. With plenty of stains to choose from, you can have the exact tone that matches your design scheme.

Smart technology

In 2024, it is all about convenience. Smart technologies simplify the cooking process and enhance the experience. You can now control the kitchen appliances through your smartphone. AI ovens will automatically adjust the cooking time for the perfect roast. The good thing is that everything has gone wireless now, so you don’t have to worry about cable clutter.

Recessed lighting

A single pendant over your kitchen island isn’t enough to light up the kitchen. Designers implement seamless solutions that match modern minimalism. The LED strips under the cabinets provide lighting for your cooking tasks while enhancing the mood.

Oh, and did we mention that smart technology will make it easier to set the desired ambiance? You can easily control different parameters through the smart home systems. Need maximum visibility for cooking? Turn on the brightness to max. When you want to create a cozy ambiance for hosting, turn it down and set it to a warm light. It is as easy as that!

Don’t forget that the 2024 kitchen trends are all about striking the perfect balance between ambiance, task, and accent lighting. When it comes to pendant lights, things take a dramatic turn. Unique and ornate designs become the main focal point that highlights your gorgeous kitchen island.

Fluted texture

Fluting is an excellent way to add visual interest to a kitchen. The curvy pattern brings dimension to the space and can be implemented in backsplashes, kitchen islands, and glass cabinets. We will see more of it in contemporary kitchen designs in 2024.


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