Closet Organizers

Looking to organize your house built-in cabinets? We have got you covered!

Aria Kitchens design, manufacture and install variety of custom cabinets for closet organizers. Our cabinets are made in Canada, we only use high-quality and eco-friendly materials; and since we manufacture them locally, our delivery timing is among the fastest in Canada – your cabinets would be manufactured and installed within 2-3 weeks after design approval.

Walk-in Closet

Large and spacious set of cabinets that would usually be installed in a separate room neighboring kitchen (for food storage) or bedroom (for clothing storage). This organizer type is popular for both custom build homes and commercial units or stores.

Bedroom Closet

Build in or walk in closet inside master bedroom, kids’ bedroom or guestrooms. Such closet spaces would usually come pretty plain plain from the builder and requires additional organizing with shelfs, hangers and drawers for different clothing types – shirts, dresses, underwear and shoe boxes. Ones upgraded your clean and dry clothes would never stay out of their cabinet!

Laundry Cabinet

To better organize laundry room function, many homeowners consider adding a laundry closet. This closet will help to store all detergents and laundry supplies, dirty and clean clothing, and any other utilities they store in this room. Such organizer could be ordered as part of whole house upgrade or separately, as a small custom cabinets feature.

Our team is experienced in variety of custom closet cabinets for any house room or commercial space:

  • Kitchen closets & storage cupboards
  • Bedroom walk-in wardrobes & clothes organizers
  • Laundry organizers
  • Office cabinets
  • Storage shelves and store enclosures

We plan, design, build and install custom “reach in” closet systems and deliver solutions to any space or property. We work with interior designers and homeowners as well

How does the process work?

  • Feel free to contact us for an estimate
  • Our closet organizers expert will gather all your requirements
  • If needed, we will produce a simple visual draft for the quotation (at no cost)
  • After approving all measurements, materials, and colors we can provide a detailed quote for your kitchen.

Our team goal is no less than Delighting our Customers, we know hard work brings more work, and we are ready become your one-stop for all cabinetry and renovations needs.

Starting from initial quote we will try to cover all your needs – we provide online estimate (Facetime, WhatsApp or any other way you use videocalls), inhouse visits (with all COVID-19 measures taken in account) or detailed estimate delivered to your interior designer.