Custom Kitchens Cabinets

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? You are just at the right place!

At Aria Kitchens we specialize on custom build kitchens for many years; we have designed and built dozens of unique kitchens in the Greater Toronto Area – small (in condos and apartments) and large – in detached houses. From simple compact kitchenet to a high-end kitchen produced from designer’s sketch, we deliver each project on time and on budget.

Type of kitchens we specialize on:

  • Modern: clean geometric style cabinets with single color or 2 tone pallet, elegant and minimalistic “Scandinavian” style design, with simple yet efficient ergonometric. This style is used by IKEA furniture products; however, IKEA products target mainstream clientele and designed for fast sell and easy DIY assembly. Aria’s Modern Kitchens on the other hand are custom designed and manufactured with quality and durable materials.
  • Contemporary: A combination of modern and classic styles, featuring clear and elegant design but not absolutely plain or minimalistic such as modern. Contemporary kitchen can have multiple colors or materials, incorporate brick patterns or even ornament elements.
  • Traditional, or classic styles: such kitchens have warmer and cozier appearance, utilizing larger colors and tones pallet, have more combinations of materials, patterns and usually differ from modern or contemporary with natural curvy lines. Traditional style kitchen cabinets would also be incorporated in classic house interiors – with bay window, “tile style” flooring to create an old-fashion interior of the kitchen.

Aria Kitchens team not only includes interior designers and installers, but we also own a full-scale millworking factory, where we manufacture kitchen cabinets for our customers. This allows us keeping our prices affordable and at the same time achieve the best quality and durability of the kitchens we design, build and install.

Comparison between Aria Kitchens and major Canadian home improvement centers:

Material usedCabinet board thicknessFinishingCustomizationInstallation
Aria KitchensCanadian manufactured0.75 inchPremium & durableCustom madeIncluded *
IKEAImported0.75 inchStandard / premiumBuilt-inAdditional cost
Home DepotMixed local and imported0.625 inchBuilder gradeBuilt-inAdditional cost
LowesMixed local and imported0.625 inchBuilder gradeBuilt-inAdditional cost

* Free cabinets delivery and installation is included with minimal order of $3000